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All your foodservice needs in one experienced partner.

You do not just satisfy appetites. You create a vibe, deliver a memorable experience and realize a vision. At Boelter, we offer everything you’ll need to bring a new kitchen or remodel to life.

Boelter Simplifies Restaurant Marketing with Boelter Blue Mobile App

What we do

Boelter Blue Restaurant Marketing

Your restaurant app built by restaurant people. Simplify your marketing and get back to what you do best.

Commercial Kitchens

Great commercial kitchen solutions begin with a great conversation. First, we listen. Then, based on your business and its goals, we take action.

Foodservice Supplies

Would you like to optimize your space, improve quality and energy efficiency, and, of course, save money? Our experts know the drill.


Our Milwaukee and Chicago-based SuperStores are where inspiration is born. View the latest in restaurant quality kitchen equipment and supplies up close.

How we work

Maximize Efficiency

All of the services you’re looking for from one experienced foodservice design and supply firm.


Just like your website should be user-friendly, your kitchen should be too.

Save Energy

Let us help you save money and save the environment simultaneously.


With over four decades in the food and beverage industry, our experience speaks for itself.


You have enough on your plate. Allow us to manage and develop your foodservice projects.


Communication is an essential corner stone that keeps everything together.

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