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When they’re thirsty,
are they thinking about you?

Reach your customers automatically—right on their phone.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

Building a cultish following for your beer and brand requires more than the occasional patron. You need advocates—regulars who will champion and promote your brew.

Finding ways to stand out and stay top of mind—for brewpubs, breweries and microbreweries—is key to building a stronger business. Your own customized marketing app—powered by Boelter Blue—helps you do it with convenient tools that simplify promotional efforts.

Today, 70% of consumers prefer venues that communicate with them via mobile. Discover how you can use customers’ smartphones like a digital hand-held billboard to build engagement.

Here are six ways we can help.

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Stand Out Amongst Your Peers

Create a following of both new and long-time patrons by pushing a photo of your new taps, seasonal deals and more, right to your customer’s phone. Who can resist the perfect pour when it’s right in front of them?



Launch a Digital Mug Club

Ditch expensive, confusing points programs and paper punch cards, and start treating beer enthusiasts like VIPs with a digital rewards program.

Mug Club Card
Brewpub App Home screen



Create Demand for Your Beer

The craft beer industry is competitive! Use your app to launch campaigns that make you stand out and give new beer lovers a reason to try your brewery. Then use the technology to automatically bring them back at least 3 times—and along the way, sends them thank-yous, offers, and reminders to buy more.



Drive Traffic to Your Beer Events

Promote your events, and create interactive menus for beer and food pairings. Send it right to your customer’s phone to get direct feedback. Knowing which items are most popular can save you time and marketing dollars.

VIP Beer Release Party
Special Offers



Provide a Unique, Fun Experience

Turn followers into raving fans easily—right from your own mobile app—so customers can view, like and share your timely offers and menu items with other beer enthusiasts.



Get Your Beer in Your Customer’s Refrigerator

Attract customers who are on the go! Remind them to pick up to-go growlers for watching the next big game at home, plus reward them for sharing with friends and family.

Delafield Brewhaus

“If you are small business owner or are in the food and hospitality business I would highly recommend Boelter Blue.”

Samantha, Delafield Brewhaus

MKE Brewing CO

“One of the great things about working with Boelter Blue is it feels like we’re working with a family. We get support immediately and a lot of our great ideas we didn’t even come up with, Boelter Blue brought them to us. It’s great to have that kind of relationship.”

Jim McCabe, MKE Brewing CO

Champps Americana

“It’s pretty simple for us, the numbers don’t lie. Using our technology from Boelter Blue, Champps connects with more than 1600 of our best customers at any time—directly on their cell phone. This enables us to drive business when WE need to, and speak directly to people who WANT to hear from us must. The automation—along with the support and service Boelter provides is one of the best marketing decisions we ever made.”

Champps Americana


Make it easy to reach customers anytime/anywhere—on their terms and by giving them what they want.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

Boelter Blue Restaurant Marketing Logo

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