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Their phone is the first thing they check.
Your coffee should be the first thing they see.

Reach your customers automatically—right on their phone.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

Right after touching the snooze button, reality sinks in. It’s time to get moving. And that’s when you greet your regulars with a “Good Morning” message and a little incentive.

Your own customized marketing app—powered by Boelter Blue—puts targeted messages in the palm of your customers’ hands. You pop in at just the right time with a tempting suggestion to make the first stop—your shop. Inform them about that special blend, or invite them to skip breakfast at home and grab something delicious for the commute.

A staggering 70 percent of consumers actually prefer their favorite restaurants and coffee shops communicate with them via push notifications to their mobile device. So when they have tens of options for a cup of their favorite beverage, rely on Boelter Blue to keep your shop on top.

Here are six ways we can help.

Customer loyalty app home screen



Give customers a reason to Choose Your Coffee

Create a following of both new and repeat customers with perfectly timed offers, seasonal coffee deals, photos of your newest espresso creations and more sent right to your customers phone. Then utilize word of mouth, as customers easily share your timely offers and specials with family and friends.



Serve Up Digital Coffee Rewards

Ditch expensive, confusing points programs and paper punch cards and give them an easy to use reward program right in their phones that never gets stale. Boelter Blue designs the perfect program for your coffee shop with complete control and visibility into who your customers are and how to reward them.

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Create Demand for your Caffeinated Beverages

The coffee business is competitive! Use mobile app technology and smart automation to bring coffee lovers back as many times as you want. And, along the way, send them thank-you’s, offers for being a loyal customer, and reminders to stop back in on the way to wherever they’re going.



Drive Business During Non-Peak Hours

Always know how to reach your best customers and give them great reasons to visit you when the espresso machine is not running at full capacity. Use your app to easily create and send limited time offers, for a boost in mid-day business or an afternoon happy hour.

Coffee To-Go
Special Offers



Stop relying on printed coupons & traditional advertising

Imagine always knowing who your best customers are and utilizing technology where you can communicate back and forth with the touch of a button. Launch new initiatives in minutes while converting and tracking new customers from traditional channels. Your customers phone becomes a one-stop shop where they can access menus, ordering, events, offers, loyalty and specials.



Attract and Capture New Customers Digitally

Launch campaigns that give new customers a compelling reason to try your coffee shop. Claim to have the best latte in town? Offer a free one to new customers, post it on your social channels and website, then track the success as new customers come in with your app and try your delicious latte. Then sit back and watch the combo of your great service and the app technology turn them from a first-time guest into a regular.

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MKE Coffee Peddlers

“Our Business has grown 30% retention and growing day by day. Those people that came around every once in awhile became regulars. It’s a great tool to help build retention and loyalty with your customer.”

Mike Bat, MKE Coffee Peddlers


Make it easy to reach customers anytime/anywhere—on their terms and by giving them what they want.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

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