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In a competitive, dog-eat-dog business, competing for customers needs a smarter approach.

Create traffic beyond the lunch rush.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

Hot dog
We understand an entire day’s business might just come down to a few short hours. And slinging 200 dogs in an hour doesn’t leave time for anything else. And that’s why your own customized marketing app—powered by Boelter Blue—makes so much sense.

Schedule notifications in advance to reach hungry customers while you’re busy serving. Sweeten the deal with a rewards program that gets them one step closer to a freebie. And gain visibility among a sea of vendor umbrellas, all competing for growling stomachs.

Did you know 70% of consumers prefer restaurants and venues that communicate with them via mobile? The smarter approach starts with the Boelter Blue app.

Here are six ways we can help.

Post-game munchies? Come by for $2 off ANY hotdog



Roll out a rainy day deal

Brighten their day by pushing a photo of your daily dog to customers’ phones as a limited-time flash deal. Who can resist temptation when it’s right in front of them?



Bring ’em in via GPS

Don’t wait on street traffic to pass by. Guide hungry customers with precise location coordinates and directions to your fully-loaded dog, heaped with all the extras.

Roy's Chicago Dogs info
Offers and Specials



Build regulars with first-time guest automation

Launch a campaign that automatically brings new visitors back at least 3 times—and along the way, sends them thank-yous, offers, and reminders to buy more.



Switch to real rewards

Ditch expensive, confusing points programs and paper punch cards. Treat customers like VIPs. Starbucks does it, and now you can too.

Hot Dog Lunch Club
Vienna Beef App home screen



Amplify via social, effortlessly

Turn Facebook followers into raving fans easily, right from your app, so customers can view, like and share your timely offers and tasty dogs with friends and family.

Vienna Beef

“We needed a way to remind customers how good our dogs are, throughout the day. Our Boelter Blue app lets us send right-time deals, push photos of new concoctions, easily reward customers so we can build regulars, and more.

Our success is based on high volume but yields small margins, so we need easy, yet budget-friendly, ways to grow traffic.”

Carrie Bodman, Director of Marketing, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs


Make it easy to reach customers anytime/anywhere—on their terms and by giving them what they want.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

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