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When they’re hungry,
get them thinking pizza. Yours!

Create traffic beyond the lunch rush.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

Finding ways to stand out and keep your pizza restaurant top of mind is key to attracting customers throughout the day. Your own customized mobile app—powered by Boelter Blue—makes marketing easy.

Imagine pushing today’s special into the palm of your customers’ hands. Extending a special offer to help fill seats during non-peak hours. Or motivating a regular to choose your pie first.

A staggering 70 percent of consumers actually prefer that restaurants communicate with them via push notifications to their mobile device. When they have a million things on their mind, Boelter Blue helps keep your pizzeria top of mind, so you stay on top of business.

Here are six ways we can help.

Customer loyalty app home screen



Give Customers a Reason to Choose Your Pizza

Create a following of both new and repeat customers with perfectly timed offers, seasonal pizza deals, photos of your newest pie creations and more sent right to your customers phone.

Who can resist a mouthwatering slice when it’s right in front of them?



Dish Out Digital Pizza Rewards

Ditch expensive, confusing points programs and paper punch cards and give them an easy to use reward program right in their phones that never gets stale. Boelter Blue designs the perfect program for your pizza shop with complete control and visibility into who your customers are and how to reward them.

Smart Rewards
Tuesday Special: Get a Large 2 topping Pizza, soda and breadsticks for $18.99



Create Demand for your Pizza

The pizza business is competitive! Use your app to launch campaigns that make you stand out and give new customers a reason to try your pizza. Then use mobile app technology and smart automation to bring pizza lovers back as many times as you want. And, along the way, send them thank-you’s, offers, and reminders to buy more.



Drive Business During Non-Peak Hours

Always know how to reach your best and most loyal customers and give them great reasons to visit you when the pizza ovens are not running at full capacity. Use the app to easily create and send limited time offers and special reminders to drive business when you want to.

Flash Deal: $2.00 Off Large 2 Topping Pizza's
Special Offers



Stop relying on printed coupons and traditional advertising

Utilize cutting edge technology where both you and your customer can reach each other with the touch of a button, all on your own phones. Then harness word of mouth advertising as customers can easily share your timely offers & specials with family and friends.



Have your Pizza on your Customer’s Table

Attract customers who are on the go! Remind your customers to pick up Pizza To-Go for the game or family dinner and allow them to order and get rewarded right through your mobile app.

Carry Out Card
Outside Inn

“I LOVE how I can reach our customers at the drop of a dime. I have it available in my hands at all times to tell them anything I want to tell them and I can do it all from the convenience of my cell phone and being a bar owner, that convenience is stellar.”

Jennine Paoli, Outside Inn

Steny's Tavern

“Driving business during non-peak hours and for special events is the name of the game for Steny’s and having our own mobile app is the way we get that done.

With 6000+ downloads, 3400+ receiving push messages and 1200+ enrolled in our Growler To-Go and Lunch Loyalty Program, our app from Boelter Blue gives us the ability to drive business when we want and provide a real VIP experience for our best customers.”

Ryan Stenstrup, Owner, Steny’s Tavern


Make it easy to reach customers anytime/anywhere—on their terms and by giving them what they want.

Attract more diners, bring them back again and again, and make loyalty really easy. We can help.

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