Custom Supplies & Decor

Custom Supplies & Decor

Custom branded glassware

Customized Products

Let’s admit it. Customized products, like glassware, napkins, and barware bring a restaurant or food service establishment up to the next level of professionalism.

Not only that, they are exceptional pieces of branding both inside your dining room and out in the world. Take for example the iconic Stella Artois glass. While their beer is tasty, it was their customized glassware that made them an international name.

What could customized products do for your branding? Schedule a consultation by calling us at 1-(800)-Boelter and we’ll find out!

Tabletop & Bar Design

Creativity does not end with the menu or kitchen design. We help you offer the whole package.

Reflecting the personality of your brand and telling the story of your restaurant should be encompassed in everything you do. Our team helps you cultivate a unique feel on the tabletop while putting your food and beverages at center stage. Enhancing every detail, and framing presentation to reflect the essence of your establishment is what keeps customers coming back for more.

Working with commercial china manufacturers who have hundreds of years of devotion to quality and design, Boelter is in the business of making foodservice dinnerware exactly what it needs to be, perfect. We provide restaurants, hotels, country clubs, cafeterias and more with the ideal backdrops for their culinary creations.

So whether you’re in the market for easy and affordable elegance, simplicity and strength, or pristine and finely balanced, with a china selection that is second to none, Boelter can help you set your table too.

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