Designing an efficient venue starts here.

You have a vision for your growing restaurant business, and at Boelter, our business is understanding yours. Our dedicated team will help you design anything from a highly efficient kitchen to your ideal dining facility—all while ensuring the design compliments your building’s finishes and optimizes performance, safety and quality. We’ll work side by side with you to build a lasting relationship that keeps your foodservice business growing.

Kitchen equipment
Foodservice expertise that makes all the difference.

Rely on three generations of design experience to bring inspiration to your table. The experts at Boelter anticipate what you need to improve business operations and serve your customers better. We’ll review your unique menu demands, strategically plan traffic flow and outline your space requirements—on budget and on time.

Brush up on the basics with Commercial Kitchen Design 101

New kitchen space
Our Design services:
  • Project Evaluation: Establish objectives, criteria and feasibility
  • Conceptual Design: Identify flow patterns and create preliminary layouts
  • Rough-in Drawings: Account for everything, including utilities
  • Compliance: Adhere to local building and health departments
  • Equipment Details: Supply organized, written equipment specifications, including pricing proposal
  • Turnkey Solutions: Procure, stage, deliver and install equipment and furnishings package
  • Close-out Documentation: Supply as-built drawings and equipment maintenance guides
  • Occupancy Certificates: Supervise final health inspection and fire code compliance
  • Ongoing Support: Stand beside you even as you open for service

We can work wonders—even with the most challenging kitchen spaces.

Trying to squeeze a commercial kitchen into a small space? Ready to optimize your space to ensure optimal efficiency? Boelter’s Lean Kitchen Design services are the perfect solution. We have all kinds of ideas to share as well as success stories to help you see the potential of your space.

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