Design & Specification

Design & Specification

Kitchen, Serving, Supplies

Thoughtful, distinctive, experience-based designs combine with functional, appropriately affordable equipment.

We leverage our industry-leading experience and field-tested knowledge to create exceptional and often legendary foodservice venues. Our clients build their facilities with maximum value for their investment—efficiency, performance, quality, safety and aesthetics.

Our Team Provides:

  • Project evaluation—its objectives, criteria, and feasibility
  • Conceptual design to identify flow patterns, equipment specifications, and layout
  • Redesign as concept takes shape
  • Rough-in drawings, including utilities
  • Building and health department compliance
  • Equipment and furnishings specifications and costs
  • Supply, stage, deliver and install equipment and furnishings package
  • Provide specifications and maintenance guide book
  • Post-opening client support
  • Review your unique menu demands
  • Gather equipment needs
  • Outline your space requirements
  • Strategically plan traffic flow
  • Maximize value while striving to meet budget demands

Lean Kitchen Design

Are you trying to squeeze a commercial kitchen into a small space? Or are you ready to decrease waste and increase output? Lean Kitchen Design might be the perfect solution.