Our Story

It’s not about what we do but how we do it that really matters.

Boelter Paper and Supply Company, 1929

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Boelter Companies was founded in 1929 as a family-owned business. From there our business has grown through innovation, differentiation and constant nurturing of our culture.

Today Boelter operates seven offices and three SuperStores across the United States. We actively participate in every aspect of the restaurant supply, hospitality and beverage industries.

Whether designing commercial kitchens, installing food service equipment or staging the perfect tabletop, we bring inspiration and efficiency to your venue with a full spectrum of products and services.

Building relationships to build business.

Boelter puts you at the center of everything. Our mission is to help our customers run better foodservice businesses through long-term, meaningful relationships built on integrity and personalized service—the same values we’ve carried for three generations.

Positively impacting the image of your brand and ultimately your profitability starts with understanding what’s important to you. When we put you first, we can anticipate your needs, deliver value-added products and services, and elevate your business through education and innovation. We’ve helped thousands of businesses work and run smarter by sharing best practices. We’d love to share the same with you.

Building relationships
Adding value in an evolving industry.

From streamlining functions to refining aesthetics, we help customers remain competitive through value-driven differentiation. With Boelter, you’ll find new ways to attract business and turn customers into regulars by engaging them meaningful ways.

After all, we’re not here to follow the industry—but lead it.

Our mission remains clear and focused. We invest in the future, challenge conventional thinking and help each other grow. By focusing on changing customer values and buyer behaviors, our business continues to evolve just like yours—all for the better.