Fort Lee Dining Facility

  • Fort Lee Base Kitchen
  • Fort Lee Base Kitchen
  • Fort Lee Base Kitchen
  • Fort Lee Base Kitchen
  • Fort Lee Kitchen
  • Fort Lee

Project details

  • LOCATION: Fort Lee, Virginia
  • ROLE: Kitchen Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

    Wayne Rought

The Army’s Ordinance School in Fort Lee Virginia is home to the largest military dining facility in the United States. Working with the military design, and modifying it for increased functionality, the Boelter Southeast Division helped complete the nearly $5M dining project in 90 days—start to finish. The sizable coordination effort involved warehousing and shipping of all equipment and custom fabrication for the multiple levels. Boelter’s equipment and design consulting team also added a Utility Distribution System within the hooding, offering single point connections and providing flexibility and labor savings to the government. When at capacity, the facility serves 3600 soldiers, 3 times a day. Meal services are completed within 90 minutes.

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