Eric Boelter

Eric Boelter

President, Foodservice
Waukesha, WI

As President of Boelter’s Foodservice division, Eric has had the unique opportunity to work with our industry’s most talented food facility designers, foodservice supply, and industrial supply specialists.

“What sets these Boelter specialists apart from all the others is not what they know,” he says, “but rather the way they use their talents for the benefit of their customers’ businesses.”

Eric understands that customers have more choices these days when determining where to buy supplies and equipment to keep their kitchens and facilities humming. To be the clear supplier of choice, he and the Boelter Foodservice team work together to provide customized solutions that truly from a strategic business fit. He removes barriers that impede our ability to react quickly to the many needs and unexpected changes that occur in foodservice, and he continues to make the necessary investments required to give our frontline associates the tools they need to serve and assist our customers.