Megan Scott

Megan Scott

Contract Design Specialist
Milwaukee, WI

Megan Scott is a Project Manager and Designer in Boelter’s Glendale office. She began her career at the Boelter as an interior designer in 1987. Shortly after joining the company Megan moved up in rank, becoming a CAD operator for seven years. From there, she made a natural progression into foodservice kitchen design and project management. Today, Megan handles everything from design development and bid work to project management, installation, and set-up.

Megan is diverse in her knowledge of back of the house and front of the house foodservice layout. She understands that kitchen and beverage design not only reflect menus, but also training and delivery objectives. Variety is what Megan loves most about her job. Throughout her career at Boelter, she has had the opportunity to develop great relationships with operators in many different industry segments, including independent operators, corporate dining, culinary schools, commercial training, healthcare, and long-term care. Whether she’s designing a kitchen, cafeteria, culinary lab, or a bar, Megan is a pro at accommodating all aspects of the business.