Molly Wagner

Molly Wagner

Sales Consultant
Detroit, MI

Hospitality is in Molly Wagner’s nature. She’s been in the industry since she was a teenager working every job it has to offer, including serving, bartending, and managing a dining room and kitchen. Her experience gives her the insight she needs to assist Boelter customers in buying all non-food supplies for their operations.

Molly works primarily with fine dining facilities, focusing on country clubs. As a Sales Consultant she, of course, loves to sell, but she also loves helping Detroit establishments find the best solutions for every circumstance, whether they are looking to streamline china or add a more efficient piece of equipment.

Molly attended college at North Western College in Traverse City, Indiana University in Bloomington, and Wayne State University in Detroit. She was a Fine Art major. In her spare-time, she likes sailing, gardening, yoga, and, because she’s Michigander through and through, winter beach vacations.