Paul Tomkowiak

Paul Tomkowiak

Project Manager
Milwaukee, WI

Paul Tomkowiak has been with the Boelter Companies since 2001 and has worked in equipment sales since the very beginning. Over the years he has broadened his knowledge and expertise to include foodservice design, project management, installation, and warranty management.

His industry experience and Culinary Arts degree allow him to recognize precisely what owners, operators, and chefs are trying to achieve with their design visions. As he says, he “speaks fluent chef”, and spends his nights dreaming of refrigerators, freezers, and six-burner ranges. He also understands the flow of foodservice areas, whether they’re in the front of the house or back, in restaurants, supermarkets, senior living facilities, and beyond. When designing kitchens and helping with equipment selection, Paul is always looking for ways to partner efficiency with cost savings.

Recently, Paul had completed several projects for Miller Park and Sendik’s Food Markets. In his spare time, he likes to cook, walk his dogs, travel to the Caribbean, and spend time with his wife.