Ralph Aylward

Ralph Aylward

Senior Design Associate & Project Manager
Chicago, IL

Ralph began his career as an Engineer with the United States Air Force. Afterward, he continued pursuing design work at Architectural firms before finally landing as a foodservice designer and project manager in the 1970’s. At Boelter, Ralph specializes in working with independent restaurants, multi-unit chains, country clubs, culinary schools, employee dining halls, and convention centers.

Over the years Ralph has built long-term relationships with Boelter customers. His genuine and personalized service makes him a trusted friend, as well as a foodservice designer. His customers know that he will be there to help them throughout the entire process, from their initial idea, to well beyond opening day. He will overcome challenges, make design and equipment recommendations, and solve problems. Ralph has the knowledge and experience to help them build operations that are efficient, profitable, and sustainable.