Tim Scott

Tim Scott

VP & General Manager
Waukesha, WI

Tim Scott is the Vice President and General Manager of Boelter Supply. Before joining the Boelter team in 2010, Tim spent several years in the distribution industry primarily working with paper, foodservice and janitorial companies. He is a jan/san, foodservice, and hospitality veteran with over two decades of experience. In his role as General Manager, he is responsible for the P&L, sales management, purchasing, and strategic projects.

In addition to working closely with our sales associates and marketing staff, Tim also calls on several Boelter customers himself and oversees purchasing. As a leader, Tim is a trusted mentor and an enthusiastic motivator who solves problems as they arise. He provides our salespeople with the tools they need to provide outstanding service and take exceptional care of our customers. He believes in linking the perfect sales person with every business. Inspired each day by Boelter’s customers, Tim is committed to continuously helping them develop and grow their businesses.