You have been our best subcontractor thus far and a blessing to have you. You raised the standard for superior customer service and I will not forget it.  

Vishal “Shawn” Patel Holiday Inn Katy, Texas

Even after all the history this job presented, I can say with certainty this has been the most pleasurable experience I have had dealing with a kitchen equipment supplier.  Thanks for always taking our calls and helping us get there.  

Jake Collins – Sr. Project Manager Juneau Construction Company Atlanta, Georgia

What matters the most is service, service, service. That’s where Boelter exceeds my expectations. From Trio restaurant to T Brasserie and now Tru, I’ve been a big believer in Boelter. They do the research, the sampling, and jump through hoops to get the products to me on a timely basis. The prices are always competitive…

Rick Tramonto – James Beard Award Recipient Executive/Partner at Tru Restaurant Chicago, Illinois

I’ve always considered Boelter my preferred supplier. They are totally convenient and responsive. Their design/build capabilities and service are extraordinary. I can sit down next to their CAD designer and work directly with my design. Bill Boelter is very “hands-on,” directly involved and available when needed.

Joe Bartolotta – President Bartolotta Restaurant Group Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boelter is far more than just an equipment supplier. We consider them a very valuable resource. In recent years our industry has become increasingly competitive. You can deal with that by increasing sales and/or decreasing costs. Boelter plays a critical role in lowering our costs.

John Pryor – President Cousins Subs Hundreds of Locations Nationwide

I had to have major remodeling done on a kitchen, start to finish, within forty-five days with a large wedding scheduled on March 1. It was miraculous how Boelter was done in thirty-five days. The Lake Forest health inspector said it was the most perfect remodeling job he had ever seen.

Beneet Muhl – Chef De Couisine Onwentsia Country Club Lake Forest, Illinois